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More Crawling

Kyle has been going anywhere he wants for a while now. Some of his favourite places to visit: the bathroom, the dishwasher, under the computer, and of course his toys in the living room. Many of these locations offer the feature of places to pull himself up to stand (open dishwasher door, the toilet, etc). One of the down sides to all this moving is that his chest/belly area is constantly brown from rubbing against the floor. I've been waiting to see him crawl on hands and knees to reduce this effect.

Another Tooth (just not one we were expecting)

After much fussing, shorter nights, finger sucking, biting, etc we finally have another tooth. We've been waiting for the uppers to come in for months. But it's not them, it's a new lower left. That makes a total of 3 lowers and zero uppers. I'm sure there are more to come soon, I'm just tired of all the side effects that come with them.

Background for a trip to the Oakland Zoo

We have been planning this trip to the zoo for about a month. We wanted to include another family (some friends of ours with kids the same age) in the trip. So, after much back-and-forth on dates we settled on the 25th. How many things can go wrong in one week? A lot.

A day in San Francisco

Kristian and I have been trying to plan some day trips for us to take with the kids. The first obstacle in this has been figuring out where to go with a 3 year old and a 7 month old. You don't want to drive too far and you don't want to pay too much (you never know what mood your kids are going to be in). We picked a variety of things to do, the first of which was a trip to San Francisco.

Six Month Check-up

Due to some confusion at Kyle's 4 month check-up, his 6 month appointment failed to be scheduled. I, of course, did not realize this until he was 6 months old and hadn't received a reminder phone call. The soonest that we could get in for it was yesterday, so he was almost 7 months old.

Sleeping again

For the past month plus, we have not been sleeping. If he woke up and it had been over 4 hrs he insisted that he be fed again. The really amazing thing about this is that you just deal with it. It's not fun, but you start to accept the fact that you have to get through the day with that much sleep. The added bonus to all this is that even with a feeding in the middle of the night Kyle was still waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning, which meant his sister was too.

Swimming like a fish

Last year I bough Jo a swimsuit with built-in floatation pads. At first she was a little unsure, but she quickly grew to love it. It meant that she could go out and swim with the big kids. She would follow them everywhere, even jump in like them. I was a bit apprehensive about it, afraid that it would teach her bad swimming habits and give her false confidence. The other downside, it's a one piece and she was potty training. Taking it off after it got wet was horrible and getting back on was even worse.

Too much excitement


If I ever complain that there isn't enough excitement in my life, please knock some sense back into me.

He's on the move

Being a stay-at-home mom, I am generally the one who gets to see and hear the firsts for my kids. Rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, talking, I'm the one daily helping them reach these milestones. I do try to call dad and let him know, along with anyone else who will listen, as soon as I can. But logging the most time with the kids means generally seeing and hearing things before any else. Kyle is trying to break that cycle.

Joanna's first movie

Kristian took Joanna to see her first movie last night. They went with another father-daughter date to see the new Ice Age movie. Apparently the theatre had special snack boxes for kids that included popcorn, fruit snacks and a juice drink. Jo didn't seem that interested in the popcorn at first, so Kristian ate most of it. When she did decide it was good Kristian felt bad for her having to pick the crumbs out of the bottom, I don't think she knew the difference.