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Kristian's new baby

Our garage has been mostly Honda's since we got married, but one by one they are being exchanged with other brands (nothing against Honda, we like them). First to go was the Del Sol. We knew we would eventually need something that seated more than two and hopefully had more than two doors on it. So, the Jetta came and joined the garage (we have since completely filled up that car and it's about time to get something bigger).

The day to day

I keep forgetting to say what's going on with the kids. Sure, there are births and birthdays, but what about all the stuff in between?

Website Update

After a couple weeks of playing, we moved the new test site to live. We are still working on the look and feel of everything, but things are functioning.

Kristian and I have different views on how things should look, so it's always fun trying to find a happy medium. One of us will like light colors and the other will want dark. One of us will want the extra "fru-fru" stuff and the other wants it as plain as possible. He really doesn't want it too girly, but I don't want it to be so stark that it doesn't reflect us or the fact that this is about our family (not some work site).

Winter quilt project


It's not that I find I have all that much free time, it's just that I like to have something to work on for fun in addition to everything else I'm doing. I've had a pile of fabric stashed in a drawer for a while. While I was pregnant I finished a quilt for Kyle using up some patriotic scraps that I had (see it here and detail stitching here). After that I made some rompers for Kyle and Noah to match the dresses and shirt that I made for Amanda, Luke and Joanna.

Joanna's 3rd Birthday


Yes, we have a three-year-old. We have gone into birthday mania this year. It seems like this is the year to start inviting friends to parties, and we have been to all of them. So, when it was time for Jo's of course we had to have some 3-year-old fun.

... and Baby Makes Four

I've been ready to have this baby for a while. Friday the 30th was ten days out, like his sister, I was really ready. But babies tend to have their own time tables and this one is no exception.

Keeping Up

There is a good reason for not keeping up with the website, we are going through some major changes around here.

Around Jo's birthday we found out that we were expecting child two. Just prior to that I had started potty training Jo, and wasn't going back now. Also, Kristian's work had aquired another company and were going through the required migrations (they continue now).

Joanna's 2nd Birthday

This year's birthday was extra special. My aunt Nanette, who Jo shares a birthday with, was here from Alaska with two of her children. We made sure they were part of the celebration. It was great to see and celebrate with them.

We had the party outside again. Since we had just finished things last year, things have grown and filled in quite a bit. I made the chocolate and ice-cream cake again (2 of them). Everyone loved it, again. It just might become a tradition.

Lessons we learned:


I love Hawaii.

I missed Joanna.

Christmas Cards

We didn't nearly have the excitement making Christmas cards this year. Since we had family pictures taken a few months back, we used those to create some really beautiful cards. The most excitement of the whole thing was trying to get them in time to send them out before Christmas. As usual, Kristian thinks I'm crazy. He doesn't understand why I think this is so important, but he knows it is. So, he puts up with some crazy every year to keep me happy (crazy happy is way better then crazy mad/sad).

To those of you getting your cards late, sorry. I really did try.