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It's Not Easy Being Two

Well, we celebrated Kyle's second birthday back in January. Nothing huge, just some family and food. Kyle, however had really been feeling his 2-ness since December some time.

A New Adventure

Over the past year I started to inch my way toward homeschooling Jo. I've been working on a reading program with her (which she is doing great in). This is something I've always said I was going to do, but actually doing it is really scary. I'm blessed to have such a self motivated child to work with as my first. I tend to think that if Kyle was first I would have given up by now. That doesn't mean that Jo is always ready and willing to work. Many days she complains about the 8 pages of work she has to do, but in the end she always does them.

The Loss of a Good Friend

Saturday evening, Bear died.

We had just been through 2 weeks of limping, swelling and vet visits to finally find out that he had an auto-immune disorder that was killing his platelets. The lack of platelets was causing major internal bleeding and swelling from what would normally have caused only a small bruise.

One Year Old

Things have been crazy around here. We did manage to have a small (in the since of just family) party here on Kyle's birthday. I don't know that he enjoyed it any more then a regular day, but he did get some fun toys to play with. He also very munch enjoyed the cake. Thanks to all the family that did come and thank you also for the great gifts. Lots of clothes (mom really says thanks) and some toys too.

On His Own Two Feet

I've been meaning to get on here and give a Kyle update. The day before Thanksgiving I saw him take his first step. However, it was just one, and no one else saw it, so I wasn't sure it counted. The Sunday following Thanksgiving my family saw him take 1-3 steps several times. But still, these are very small, very unstable distances he is crossing. So, like any good parent I started trying to make him walk more. I started by arranging the furniture so that he couldn't quite just reach between things, he'd have to take a step or two.

Tooth Number Five

After months of anticipation, we finally have both of the upper front teeth in. Unfortunately, the next two uppers are not far behind, so the grumpy times continue. Oh well, such is life with a baby.

I will try to have updates on projects and thanksgiving before the end of the month.

Trip to the Beach

We spent Thursday through Sunday with my family at the beach in Aptos. Let me clarify that when I say "at the beach", I mean it in the greater sense of proximity and view rather then actually touching sand or the ocean. We had tons of fun and just relaxed and goofed off for a few days. Over all, the long weekend was great. We did have a few struggles, but they were minor.

Creative Energy

My creative side has been in a bit of a slump. I love to sew and do other crafts, I have just been struggling with being able to complete anything or really have any good ideas. I have been doing jewellery repair for my sister. And while that has been fun, it has also made me miss creating jewellery designs of my own. I started a quilt a few months back (see winter quilt project) I have been frustrated by it. I ran out of the fabrics I wanted, I took out and redid portions several times. I haven't known how to edge or complete it, so it has sat.

Standing Up & Cruising

It's so hard to say when I child stands for the first time. You can't really count all the times that you precariously balance them and they don't move for a half second. Kyle has been working on standing and cruising a lot the past week or so.

A Collection of Comments about the Oakland Zoo

-By Joanna-

The trip to the Oakland zoo was really cool.

The meercats, I liked them. Some of them were digging holes and some were standing on top of the mountains [the mounds that they live in].

The elephants were really, really cool. We saw them get fruit, pieces of apple. They found them with their trunks. And when they found them, they put them into their mouths.

They [the meercats] were standing on the top to keep them from getting eaten by the animals [it was the scout].

We also saw giraffes, with long necks, walking around.