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Joanna Update

Wow! The past few months have flown by, and Joanna has grown and changed so much. She has really started to express her personality. This is usually fun, but it also causes many problems. She wants to do everything herself, unfortunately she can't. This frustrates her to no end, but, she tries. And every day that passes there are more things she can do.

Downloading images again

Quick note, we have a new docking station for the camera, so I can once again get images off the camera and on to the website.

Happy First Birthday Joanna!

The party went off without a hitch. We had enough food and drinks, and way too much cake. So many people were able to come celebrate. Joanna got tons of beautiful new clothes. And a bunch of new books too, which she loves. Great toys, sunglasses, even a table and chairs. She is one lucky girl!

Party ready

Less then a week to the big party, and everything is coming together.

Almost done

We are almost done! Last weekend we poured cement for the edges of the patio. So now we just have a bit or edging to do, put in the gravel and get some plants in.

The end of an era

As of today, an icon of our backyard is gone. The last remnant (and it was a big one) of the walnut tree that stood in the middle of the backyard has been hauled off.

How to take a picture of a dog and a baby... the same time!

First: Make sure there are at least two of you. One to constantly snap pictures, and at least one to try and keep the dog and baby close enough to be in the same picture.

Second: Give up on the dog. It's not worth it. The baby is who everyone wants to see anyway. Remember, that's why you're not even trying to get yourselves in the picture.

Third: Don't stop taking pictures. One of them is bound to come out okay at least. And you just hope it will be worth it when everyone sees what a beautiful girl you have.

What a difference an afternoon can make

Well, we took an afternoon and completely changed the look of the yard. I little grass goes a long way. Lets just hope that it stands up to the winter weather...and the dog...and the other dog (we are watching Aylah while my parents are gone).

Updates to the backyard gallery.


Well, the good news is that we have made some progress on this thing we call the backyard.

The walkway is in. Some of the edging is too. This weekend we are supposed to be planting... we shall see how that goes. But at least it feels like we are making progress again.

Just how crazy are we?

Just in case you didn't think we were crazy enough for having this baby...
The week before I delivered, we tore up the backyard. Unfortunatly for us, we didn't make it any further then laying the majority of the patio. But much thanks to our families for getting us this far, not to mention getting that tree out of there. For more pictures of the backyard progress (and hopefully we will be adding new ones to this in the not so distant future) check out the backyard gallery.