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It's Not Easy Being Two

By ginny - Posted on 17 February 2011

Well, we celebrated Kyle's second birthday back in January. Nothing huge, just some family and food. Kyle, however had really been feeling his 2-ness since December some time.

He's been walking for over a year, so his physical abilities aren't that much of a surprise. His vocabulary, however, has recently boomed. He can say anything he wants, and I understand most of it. One of his favorite words right now is "self". Like most two-year-olds, he wants to do everything he can by himself, even when it's impossible. I do try and oblige on most things, there are times you just don't feel like arguing with a toddler, it really doesn't help anyway. Another he likes to say is "no". When you ask him how old he is, his usual reply is "No!" If it's not that, then he says "two" while trying to show you two fingers. It's rather comical either way in my opinion.

Kyle seems to be into the same things as most little boys: balls, trucks and trains. I think he got some of each for his birthday. He really has loved his birthday gifts, with the exception of one. Every clothing item has been worn, and all toys (but one) have been played with. The exception, an ankylosaurus that makes noise and will chomp on your finger. Jo has tried to get Kyle to play with it, which I find rather funny. A year ago, she wouldn't enter her cousin Luke's room unless his toy t-rex was moved well out of reach/site. It also made noise and moved and she was terrified of it. So, for her to be the one encouraging her brother to play with the noisy dino makes me laugh.

Other then that, things are pretty much the same for Kyle. His check-up went well. He is 30.5" tall and 30bls. He is in good heath, thank goodness. And his sleeping habits are improving. I really have to update the pictures, I know. He is so much bigger then the last stuff I uploaded. Sorry I'm not more consistent.