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Joanna Update

By ginny - Posted on 03 October 2007

Wow! The past few months have flown by, and Joanna has grown and changed so much. She has really started to express her personality. This is usually fun, but it also causes many problems. She wants to do everything herself, unfortunately she can't. This frustrates her to no end, but, she tries. And every day that passes there are more things she can do.

I'm often wondering what happened to my sweet little baby, because she isn't much of a little baby anymore. I am lucky that she still does like to cuddle. She recently learned how to give "kisses" which now go along with hugs and pats for every goodbye. She is also trying to be helpful, and so long as I watch and guide the helpfulness it can actually be nice. She helps with laundry (getting clothes into the dryer), dishes (she helps unload the dishwasher) and she can even throw things away. So far we've only had once case of her throwing away something we didn't want her to -- that we know of.

All in all, I can't complain too much. She is a good kid and a joy to be around. We love her dearly.

I think we will keep her for now...

...As for the rest of us

Andy got Kristian and I reading the DiscWorld series (Terry Pratchett). It's been nice to have motivation to read. I haven't read for pleasure in a while. It seems to be something that comes and goes in my life. So far I think I've read 10 books from the series this year. They have not been in order, or even really grouped in sub-series. It's been more, how they are given to me (thank you Andy for sharing your collection with us). I've even been motivated to buy some of them myself.

Anyway, I can't actually talk about the books here because if Kristian hears anything about one he hasn't read yet, he will be mad. Sufficed to say, I've really enjoyed them and will be reading many more. Ask me about them any time, I have lots of opinions on which I liked the best.