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Joanna's 3rd Birthday

By ginny - Posted on 10 June 2009


Yes, we have a three-year-old. We have gone into birthday mania this year. It seems like this is the year to start inviting friends to parties, and we have been to all of them. So, when it was time for Jo's of course we had to have some 3-year-old fun.

We threw a kids pool party, in a blow up pool (I figured that little kids can't swim, so small is better). They played with squirt guns and balls. They decorated cookies. They inevitably started playing with the gravel on the patio (it happens every time). Most importantly, they all seemed to have fun. Lucky for the parents, it was cool enough that we didn't fry in the sun while they played in the pool. Jo got lots of fun things: clothes, stickers, books, games. We skipped inviting family unless they had small children too. This was all about the kids.

The next day, her actual birthday, we had a second small party with some family. There Jo got a new bicycle. It's what she has been asking for. It's pink and purple and she loves it. She is riding it around the house as often as I will let her. This morning she finally seemed to get the peddling part. It will still take some more practice before I'll let her take it out for a walk, but it won't be long.

I'll try to get some pictures of the party and bike up soon. I still need to get some more Kyle pics up too, it's been too long.