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Winter quilt project

By ginny - Posted on 24 June 2009


It's not that I find I have all that much free time, it's just that I like to have something to work on for fun in addition to everything else I'm doing. I've had a pile of fabric stashed in a drawer for a while. While I was pregnant I finished a quilt for Kyle using up some patriotic scraps that I had (see it here and detail stitching here). After that I made some rompers for Kyle and Noah to match the dresses and shirt that I made for Amanda, Luke and Joanna. I finished them with enough time to take some pictures back on Memorial day (will get them uploaded soon). Since then I haven't had any sewing projects to work on. So, after looking through the scraps I had left I decided to make a winter quilt. The fabrics are remnants from Christmas projects I've done (a runner for my mom and ornaments for various family members).

As with all projects where you are working with what you have, I limited the size and scope to try and match what fabrics I had. However, I miscalculated, and after completing the twelve blocks for the middle, I had to take them apart again and put them together differently. In then end I am reasonably happy with how the middle section came out, but I've had to change my quilting plan and it's coming out smaller then I intended. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to edge this thing.

Meanwhile, back to caring for 2 sick kids and trying to maintain sanity.