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Joanna's first movie

By ginny - Posted on 11 July 2009

Kristian took Joanna to see her first movie last night. They went with another father-daughter date to see the new Ice Age movie. Apparently the theatre had special snack boxes for kids that included popcorn, fruit snacks and a juice drink. Jo didn't seem that interested in the popcorn at first, so Kristian ate most of it. When she did decide it was good Kristian felt bad for her having to pick the crumbs out of the bottom, I don't think she knew the difference.

Kristian said that from the moment they walked into the theatre Jo was hooked. The trailers were already running and her eyes went up to that big screen and didn't move.

The movie was in Oakdale so they didn't get home till 9:30 and Jo was exhausted. She had a glzed look on her face and could hardly string a sentence together so we decided it would be better to let her tell me about everything in the morning. She hasn't had much to say about the whole thing. I have the feeling that she will try to tell me about about parts of the movie during the coming weeks and I'm just not going to understand (not because I can't understand the words, but because it's totally out of context). It will be Kristian's turn to translate the seemingly random statements she makes.

Her response to me asking how the movie was: "It was just a little scary in there, but my dad said it wasn't real. It's just a movie."