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Too much excitement

By ginny - Posted on 27 July 2009


If I ever complain that there isn't enough excitement in my life, please knock some sense back into me.

Saturday night we had more excitement then we could handle. Shortly after 10pm there was a frantic knocking at our front door. Kristian never even saw who was there because when he asked who it was they said "Your backyard is on fire!" Kristian immediately ran outside to find the cypress on the outside corner of our (and the neighbour's) lot on fire. Besides the tree, the fences, the weeds behind the fence and the overhead lines were burning. Kristian took a hose and did what he could to keep our trees and the rest of our fence from burning. The fire trucks did home, however they were unable to get to the fire from their first approach due to power lines laying in the street. We are assuming it is because of the downed lines, there was some delay before the fire was put out. In the end, it was a MID man that put out the fire on the lines.

All told, we were up till about 12:30. Jo was a trooper, but was shaking from all the excitement. My dad picked her up around 10:45 and took her home to sleep. I probably would have taken her, but the street was totally blocked by trucks and down lines.

MID crews worked for several hours during the night trying to restore power to several houses around us. We didn't loose power till 1 or later when they were re-running the damaged lines. It was out for a few hours, but in the middle of the night, we didn't care. The yelling they were doing while trying to hook up the neighbours service was a bit more annoying.

Sunday morning we were able to actually see the damage (here are some photos). Thanks to Kristian, it isn't that bad. There is 15ft or so of fence that need to be replaces. And while several trees were singed, they should survive. Plus, all the weeds that we needed to rake under the plumbs are now burned. The hot, flying pieces of tree and fence melted a few places in the drip. Today (Monday) we had fountains in the backyard where the water is just shooting out of the lines.

We were going to try and repair the fence on Sunday, but there were several crews working throughout the day replacing lines. MID, AT&T and Comcast all had to replace overhead lines and connections to houses. Most of the day we couldn't get in or out of the garage due to trucks blocking the driveway. We will have to get to it soon though, there are several pickets burned right through, and Jo is still worried about Bear getting out.

As I write this morning, we still have trucks and crews out there working. For the most accurate version of what happened, ask Kristian. He was keeping our property from burning, plus talked to the firemen, police, and several of the crews that have been doing repairs. For the most interesting story, ask Jo. She will tell you all about dad's heroics, not to mention how she saved everyone. What I contribute to the story is mostly what happened inside our house. This includes Kyle's sleeping habits (or how much he didn't sleep), Jo's comments on the situation and emotional state ("I'm not scared, I'm just cold"), and how many people can knock on your door in the middle of an emergency? (I can't hose down the roof/fence/trees if I'm talking to you!)