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Sleeping again

By ginny - Posted on 16 August 2009

For the past month plus, we have not been sleeping. If he woke up and it had been over 4 hrs he insisted that he be fed again. The really amazing thing about this is that you just deal with it. It's not fun, but you start to accept the fact that you have to get through the day with that much sleep. The added bonus to all this is that even with a feeding in the middle of the night Kyle was still waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning, which meant his sister was too.

We had speculated as to the possible reasons for the bad sleeping habits. Was it the cold he had? Was it the cough waking him at night? Was it teeth? Did his schedule just get messed up and we weren't letting him try to put himself back to sleep for fear that he would wake his sister? Was it a growth spurt and he just wasn't getting fed enough during the day? It felt like we had tried everything and nothing was working. Well, we have our answer now, it's teeth. Kyle has both of his bottom teeth poking through. He is also sleeping an 8-10 hr stretch again (instead of 4-5 hr).

To keep my sanity I have to try and remember that this isn't the last time this will happen and to be ready for it the next time. In the mean time, we've hit a couple of other milestones. First, Kyle is a stable sitter. I can finally set him down and walk away without too much fear that he will throw himself backwards to the ground. Second, he is eating solid foods. I'd been trying a few different things with him (cereal, banana, pear) for a few weeks, but he wasn't super interested in them. Last week, he suddenly took notice of food and wanted it. If you have something in your hand he will lunge for it and try to get it in his mouth.

Once again I see how quickly they change. I'm sure I'll be back soon with new news, especially since we are going to the Dr in about a week.