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Six Month Check-up

By ginny - Posted on 25 August 2009

Due to some confusion at Kyle's 4 month check-up, his 6 month appointment failed to be scheduled. I, of course, did not realize this until he was 6 months old and hadn't received a reminder phone call. The soonest that we could get in for it was yesterday, so he was almost 7 months old.

As I've looked at pictures of Jo from 6 months and while I know that Kyle is much thinner, I still thought he was pretty hefty. Apparently I was wrong. While his height is in the 90% range and 28.25 inches, his weight was only 17lbs 13oz (50%). The Dr was not concerned with this, but it was a bit of a surprise to us. The only thing we can attribute it to is the fact the he moves so much - I think squirmy was the term Kristian used to describe him.

Today I also put up the side of his crib. On occasion I have noticed the chewing protectors that are on the sides of the crib have been knocked off. Today I heard him knocking two of them off and walked in to see him trying to get his head up over the side to see better. He's not quite to pulling himself up onto things, but we will be there soon and I'd rather get this done before he falls out of his crib.

The crawling is progressing and he is a great sitter now. He can even sit in the bathtub, though he occasionally gets his face in the water while trying to reach for something. He's enjoying food and trying to feed himself. And that concerned look he was known for is being replaced with huge grins more and more often. He just loves for anyone to look at and interact with him (must have something to do with being a second child and never getting to be the center of attention).

It seems to me that Kyle just has to prove how much he isn't his sister by doing everything differently from her. I don't mind the fact that he's different so much, I just wish I knew what to expect next.

I had better get back to the kids now, Jo has managed to knock her chair over backwards and Kyle is done eating and starting to just move food more directly from his tray to the floor.