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A day in San Francisco

By ginny - Posted on 04 September 2009

Kristian and I have been trying to plan some day trips for us to take with the kids. The first obstacle in this has been figuring out where to go with a 3 year old and a 7 month old. You don't want to drive too far and you don't want to pay too much (you never know what mood your kids are going to be in). We picked a variety of things to do, the first of which was a trip to San Francisco.

We had a rocky start on Wednesday morning thanks to a long night of not sleeping by either of the kids. But, after pulling ourselves together we headed out. Kyle passed out on the way there and we managed to avoid most of the traffic. The first slow down we hit was trying to cross the bay bridge. Jo was excited and talking the whole time (surprise, surprise).

We decided to go to the Exploratorium. This worked out well for us since the first Wednesday of every month is a free day. I hate to spend a bunch of money on going somewhere because it makes me feel obligated to get everything I can out of it. Instead, we were able to be there for a couple of hours and not feel bad. Jo had a blast with the multitude of hands-on exhibits. The water and bubbles were some of her favourites. We do need to work with her on not walking away from us. Several times we looked away for only a second and she had gone on (or back) to another exhibit without telling (or asking) us first.

About 1, everyone was getting hungry, so we headed over to the pier to find something to eat. We parked near the wharf and walked down to pier 39. About halfway down there was a restaurant that Kristian wanted to go to. Something he remembered going to when he had visited the pier before. By that time, the rest of us were so hungry it didn't really matter where we ate, we just wanted food.

The food was good. We all cooled off and rested for a bit. After lunch we grabbed in ice cream cone and headed back to the car. The cone didn't fare so well for Jo (don't ask me why I wanted her to have a cone on a hot day, I obviously wasn't thinking). About half-way back to the car we had to stop, have her finish most of it and then clean up so we could move a little faster. The meter on the car was expired and the the kids nap times had long since been passed.

Once we were back to the car and settled in we headed for home. Jo didn't last long enough to see us go back over the bay bridge, she and Kyle were out in minutes. It was quiet in the car till about Dublin, where traffic started to slow. It never got too bad and we still made it back before 5. All in all, it was a fun day. Something I would do again, which is good since we are doing the Oakland zoo in a few weeks.