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Another Tooth (just not one we were expecting)

By ginny - Posted on 06 October 2009

After much fussing, shorter nights, finger sucking, biting, etc we finally have another tooth. We've been waiting for the uppers to come in for months. But it's not them, it's a new lower left. That makes a total of 3 lowers and zero uppers. I'm sure there are more to come soon, I'm just tired of all the side effects that come with them.

In the mean time, he's outgrowing all his clothing. We were able to get away with a lot of small clothing because shorts are short. Now, however, pants that end just below the knee (especially when they are attached to the rest of the outfit) just don't look right. Plus, having your lower leg exposed doesn't exactly help with the keeping warm thing. Oh well, we are pretty good at making do, and we will continue to do so. At the rate he's growing (up and not out) he will be struggling with things being short baggy for a long time to come.

I'm still working on the Zoo report with Jo, hope to have it out soon. I'm sure she will have some other outings to comment on as well.