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More Crawling

By ginny - Posted on 14 October 2009

Kyle has been going anywhere he wants for a while now. Some of his favourite places to visit: the bathroom, the dishwasher, under the computer, and of course his toys in the living room. Many of these locations offer the feature of places to pull himself up to stand (open dishwasher door, the toilet, etc). One of the down sides to all this moving is that his chest/belly area is constantly brown from rubbing against the floor. I've been waiting to see him crawl on hands and knees to reduce this effect.

While we aren't consistently there yet, he is capable of hand/knee crawling now. If there is somewhere close by that he wants to go where he will be standing up, he crawls on his hands and knees. He often starts with a few steps on hands and knees before dropping to his belly anyway. The funniest part is that it seems he knows when I'm watching him. If I comment on how he is on his hands and knees, he immediately drops to his belly before proceeding. I know you aren't supposed to take baby's actions personally, but how else am I supposed to interpret that?

In the mean time, it's been suggested that I get a dust-mop cover and sew it on to a onsie. At least then my floors would look better and not worse for him being on them. Plus, he'd look like his clothes were supposed to be that color after being on the floor. Instead, I vacuum, a lot (and it still doesn't help).