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A Collection of Comments about the Oakland Zoo

By ginny - Posted on 14 October 2009

-By Joanna-

The trip to the Oakland zoo was really cool.

The meercats, I liked them. Some of them were digging holes and some were standing on top of the mountains [the mounds that they live in].

The elephants were really, really cool. We saw them get fruit, pieces of apple. They found them with their trunks. And when they found them, they put them into their mouths.

They [the meercats] were standing on the top to keep them from getting eaten by the animals [it was the scout].

We also saw giraffes, with long necks, walking around.

One [giraffe] was so, so small. It was short, but it had a long neck just like the other ones that were so big.

I didn't sit on the turtle because I had to go potty.

The sun bear was digging a hole.

I remember about the zebras. We saw one laying on the ground.

We couldn't see the lion, because it was behind a tree napping, laying on it's side.

We saw a camel laying on it's side too.

The map helped us to remember where to find all the animals. And it showed us where the elephants are. We had to go around and around to the top.

We saw some chimpanzees at there too.