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Standing Up & Cruising

By ginny - Posted on 16 October 2009

It's so hard to say when I child stands for the first time. You can't really count all the times that you precariously balance them and they don't move for a half second. Kyle has been working on standing and cruising a lot the past week or so.

It amazes me again to see the change in his standing ability with just a little help. I've seen him "stand" a few times in the past week, but never when he decided too. It's always us letting go. Today, however, he grabbed a toy that was on the couch, letting go of the couch completely. This didn't last real long, when you start violently shaking a toy you are bound to fall (which he did). But, he did it himself. Pulled up on the couch, grabbed a toy and let go of anything else.

He is so fast at pulling himself up on almost anything these days. Once up, he can not only cruise along a given object (table, couch, laundry basket, etc) but transition to the next available one as well. You can make it quite a ways around our living room using this method. To go along with the cruising, he is also using a chair or the play table as a walker. They simply slide along the floor in front of him letting him go in a straight line. No turning yet, but I'm sure all of that will come too soon.