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Creative Energy

By ginny - Posted on 02 November 2009

My creative side has been in a bit of a slump. I love to sew and do other crafts, I have just been struggling with being able to complete anything or really have any good ideas. I have been doing jewellery repair for my sister. And while that has been fun, it has also made me miss creating jewellery designs of my own. I started a quilt a few months back (see winter quilt project) I have been frustrated by it. I ran out of the fabrics I wanted, I took out and redid portions several times. I haven't known how to edge or complete it, so it has sat.

As Halloween approached this yeah I haven't had the creative urge to make costumes, I just wanted to find something for not to expensive and be done. But, Jo wanted to be a pumpkin. I had some vision in my head of what this was going to look like, and I started watching at the stores as I did my weekly shopping, but nothing looked right. Besides, anything that was remotely cute was outrageously expensive, and while I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this, I didn't want her to look silly either. So, the Tuesday before Halloween (3 days to go) I did some serious shopping, only to find nothing and decide I was going to make her a pumpkin costume myself. That night, I couldn't sleep well, so instead I designed the pumpkin in my head. The next day I took the kids shopping for fabric and notions to make it happen (stopping to pick up a pumpkin outfit for Kyle so that I wasn't making 2). That day I designed, started and completed her costume (including a had and leaves). To turned out so cute. I was really pleased, plus the whole process seems to have jump-started my creative side again.

In the midst of all this I also made her a diaper bag for her doll stuff and used the scraps from a quilt (made by a friend for her when she was a baby) to made a baby quilt for her dolls as well. It was fun, on-the-fly sewing. Designing as I went, making do with what I had and getting to try out new ideas and techniques. All in all, very fun. Plus, I just feel like I have the freedom to be creative again. I already have some ideas for other projects I want to do. We shall see when I have the time and money to actually start them.