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Trip to the Beach

By ginny - Posted on 10 November 2009

We spent Thursday through Sunday with my family at the beach in Aptos. Let me clarify that when I say "at the beach", I mean it in the greater sense of proximity and view rather then actually touching sand or the ocean. We had tons of fun and just relaxed and goofed off for a few days. Over all, the long weekend was great. We did have a few struggles, but they were minor.

Thursday we had to start by taking Kyle to the Dr (9 month appointment) and Bear to "camp" (boarding at Top Notch, and they are just that). Kyle is doing great. Same growth status (50% weight, 20lbs 3oz and 97% height, 31in). They had to measure his head twice because the first number seemed way to big. But other then that he's doing just what he should be, which most of the time is getting in to everything he shouldn't.

We managed to leave town around nap time. The drive was quiet and we had no traffic. We were there in just over 1.5 hrs. We got everything unloaded. Took in the view. Relaxed a bit and then started dinner with my parents. Jo started to melt down a bit during dinner. She said she wanted to go to sleep in her own bed. So we made it an early night for her. We had expected the Doub's to be there for dinner, but they left late and didn't make it in till well after the kids were in bed. Poor Noah was kind of miserable that night, but our kids did relatively well. We actually expected more problems considering all four of us were sleeping in the same room.

We weren't surprised that the kids woke up earlier than usual. They went and hung out with their grandparents while Kristian and I got going on breakfast. Friday was a slow day in general. Breakfast was late, lunch was late, we all hung out in pj's for a good portion of the day. Kids naps were all over the place, but we had no plans so it wasn't a problem. Sam rolled in a bit after dinner that night. We were all introduced to a game called bananagrams by the Doub's. A good portion of the trip was spent playing that by anyone not doing something else.

Saturday was my dad's birthday. Kristian and I had planned on driving up to Burlingame for a "date" and to pick up some cake from The Cakery. Had a nice time just being quiet without the kids. Meanwhile the kids went to the beach with their grandparents. Luke had come up with his dad the night before, so he joined them also. We couldn't stay away too long, we were supposed to fix dinner that night for the party. After a little shopping and a lot of prep, dinner was almost ready. Becky and Amanda came and we all sat down for a late dinner. We kept the little kids up just long enough to take a family picture with all of us. After that, we bathed the littler ones and put them in bed. Then was time for the activity my dad had planned for all of us. He had brought several boxes of random, old computer parts, a couple of hot glue guns and instructions to make him something. Amazingly, we all made very different things and all of them really reflected our personalities and the way we think. I'll have to get pics of all of them and post them when I can. It was pretty funny to see what we came up with.

I think everyone slept pretty hard that night. We had gone to bed late and were exhausted. Unfortunately that night was the worst for Kyle. He woke up several times in the early morning, wet through his diaper, he just wasn't happy. At breakfast Suzy mentioned that Noah had just got a new tooth, which explained some of why he had been grumpy the past couple of days. That made us look at Kyle, and sure enough, his top left tooth was almost through. The Johnston's joined us again for breakfast and "church". Then came decision time, do we head home now, or stay another night?

While the idea of staying sounded fun, we knew we would be better off to get home. So, we packed up and got in the car about nap time. Once again, we had a quiet, uneventful, traffic free drive. Or at least we did until Kristian decided that getting Bear on the way home would be better then going back for him later. So the last 10 min of driving involved everyone awake and crammed in the car, including Bear. Everyone was glad to be home. We got most things unpacked and sorted for washing right away. Yesterday was spent re-stocking the fridge and doing laundry. Today, I'll try and get the house cleaned up a bit.

As for Kyle's tooth, it did pop through. The upper left has cut the gums and the upper right will be following soon. He is also eating as much or more than his sister. So, we will either see some serious weight gain, or some serious growing in the next few weeks. I'll try to keep you posted.