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One Year Old

By ginny - Posted on 03 February 2010

Things have been crazy around here. We did manage to have a small (in the since of just family) party here on Kyle's birthday. I don't know that he enjoyed it any more then a regular day, but he did get some fun toys to play with. He also very munch enjoyed the cake. Thanks to all the family that did come and thank you also for the great gifts. Lots of clothes (mom really says thanks) and some toys too.

Kyle's height and weight have continued along the same lines according to the Dr. He is now 33" and 22lbs 10oz. He is hungry and busy all the time. He is loving having hard soled shoes, but only because that means he gets to walk around outside. He is a very happy kid, unless there is a problem like he is hungry or thirsty. The only problem with this is that he is hungry and thirsty almost every hour. I have a hard time keeping things interesting, at least from my perspective. He seems to not care if he eats the same things over and over as long as he likes them and they keep coming.

Kyle is still not talking. His vocalizations are becoming more word like both in tone and sound. He also seems to be trying to repeat parts of words. He is more responsive to requests like find something or go to someone. He claps every time you say "good job." He also seems to wave and say "hi" so people. It will be interesting to see how his speech progresses with a sister like Jo.

We love them both, and will have to get pictures up. Again, I've been so crazy I just haven't had time. Too much work, kids and play.