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The Loss of a Good Friend

By ginny - Posted on 23 June 2010

Saturday evening, Bear died.

We had just been through 2 weeks of limping, swelling and vet visits to finally find out that he had an auto-immune disorder that was killing his platelets. The lack of platelets was causing major internal bleeding and swelling from what would normally have caused only a small bruise.

Friday, the vet had drawn blood and run a full panel on him which lead to the diagnosis. I had been to the vet Saturday morning to pickup his new medication. We were told to keep the exertion to a minimum to prevent further injury until his body could heal. That evening as Kristian and the kids were saying goodbye to Jadwiga, Bear was attacked in the front yard by a stray dog. The injuries on the outside looked minimal, but his breathing was extremely shallow and fast. Once he reached the backyard he laid down and didn't want to move. We went inside to eat some dinner and went back to check on him a little bit later. As we were debating what to do, Kristian commented that his breathing had just slowed. I looked, and his head drooped in a strange way. His breathing hadn't slowed, it had stopped. Kristian did chest compressions while I called Suzy. He stopped them just before she got here. He was gone.

While there are things we won't miss (barking at the fence, eating the mail, breathing at you in the middle of the night), the joy, love and blessing Bear provided will never be forgotten. There are too many good memories to recount. There are tons of pictures. Bear was a part of our family, and he will me missed by all.