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A New Adventure

By ginny - Posted on 11 October 2010

Over the past year I started to inch my way toward homeschooling Jo. I've been working on a reading program with her (which she is doing great in). This is something I've always said I was going to do, but actually doing it is really scary. I'm blessed to have such a self motivated child to work with as my first. I tend to think that if Kyle was first I would have given up by now. That doesn't mean that Jo is always ready and willing to work. Many days she complains about the 8 pages of work she has to do, but in the end she always does them. This fall we have added an English program to her daily work. And in January I hope to add math as well. By next fall I'm hoping to have eased our way into full blown school. At which point I'll have to start thinking about starting Kyle. I know better then to kid myself with the notion that having done it with one the second will be easier. We will have to figure out everything all over again. I think the only part that will be easier is the idea that we really have to do this every day. So far, that has been the hardest thing for me to do with Jo. That's right, it's my own lack of motivation that has slowed us down.

Here's to a great school year.