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Almost done

By ginny - Posted on 21 May 2007

We are almost done! Last weekend we poured cement for the edges of the patio. So now we just have a bit or edging to do, put in the gravel and get some plants in.

It's been almost a year since we put in the patio and a few years since we started on the backyard. We found some of our motivation last year from the fact that our daughter was about to be born. A lot of family pitched in and we got the most of the patio laid. However, Joanna couldn't wait any longer and came before we had time to finish up. We didn't need another excuse to put off finishing, but we had one. We continued to make progress, but as you can see, it's been slow. But now our daughter's birthday is coming we have found a renewed since of motivation. We want to have a party for her in our yard, so once again we have had family rally around us, and things are moving. We have less then a month to do it, and we know there are things that won't be done yet. However, we should have a yard that is worthy of a first birthday. And a family that deserves to be honored and celebrate with us for all the time they have spent helping us get to where we are.

I will make sure to upload pics of the progress as soon as I can.