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Party ready

By ginny - Posted on 05 June 2007

Less then a week to the big party, and everything is coming together.

I finally got the pics of the poured cement up. As you can see, Bear likes to get in as many of the backyard pics as possible. You will also notice that a lot of the ivy that was on the garage has been pulled down. It doesn't look great, but my skin is happy. We've also put in the gravel, added plants and bark to the flower beds and done some further clean up. I'd have uploaded the images of that too, but Joanna has spent a little too much time teething on the camera's cable and we can't download the images with it any more (except sometimes when I hold it just right).

I really am looking forward to this party. It will be nice to have a place to put 30+ people. Now I'm just hoping that the weather is on our side.

As soon as I get the cable to work again, or Kristian brings home a card reader I'll have the other yard pics up, until then enjoy the new pics of Joanna I have up.

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